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Shatkarma is six purification techniques in Ayurveda designed to make the body strong and healthy. As the name suggests Shat means ‘six’ and Karma means here ‘method’ or ‘technique’. In ancient, great scholars and saints used to give six methods of purificat    ion to their pupils for detoxifying and attaining Raj yoga i.e. life of highly defined disciplines. By these six methods of detoxification, human can be free of diseases, can increase their concentration, and make you strong and healthy. In Arogydham, Shatkarma is performed under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced tutors. Dhauti(intestinal wash), Vasti(enema), Neti(nasal cleansing), Trataka(candle gazing), Nauli(intestinal wash), Kapalabharti(breath for skull shining) are 6 purification technique in Shatkarma.