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It is called pank treatment or gilli mitti treatment. Mud therapy is that treatment of Naturotherapy in which to make human body toxin free, person has to take a bath of mud. It is very useful for fast recovery of disease. It is helpful in increasing the flow of blood in the body. In Aarogydham, only herbal and organic mud mixture is used for Mud bath or Mud Therapy. 


Mud used for bath should be very much pure and clean. It should be taken from 3-4 feet depth of the ground. There shouldn’t be any stone pieces or chemical manures in the mud. In Aarogydham, before applying any mud pack or mud bath, mud is dried and powered so that it contain no stones, grass particles, chemical manures or other impurities. Mud is one of the five constituent elements of this Universe (like air, water, fire, spirit). It has an immense impact on human body and mind.


  • It is very much relaxing for both body and mind.
  • The dark color of mud helps in absorbing different colors and conveying them to body.
  • Its shape and consistency may be modified with ease, just by changing water content which makes it easy to use.
  • Effect of mud is refreshing and vitalizing.
  • It is very cost-efficient and easily available matter.



  • MUD BATH:- This procedure requires an application of special kind of mud which is rich in natural salts and minerals. It is applied over the entire body except head. This can be implemented in sitting or lying position. The duration of mud bath should be 45-60 minutes for a complete relaxation. Then after patient is thoroughly washed with cold water jet spray. Care is taken to avoid cold during the bath. This helps to improve the skin condition by increasing circulation and energizing skin tissues.
  • MUD PACK:- This method involves the frequent application of mud packs on face. It helps in improving skin complexion and removing acne, skin spots, patches, etc. it is allowed to dry for at least 30 minutes. It is helpful in removing pimples as it opens the skin pore which facilitates elimination of oil from the skin. It is also useful in reducing dark circles under the eyes. After 30 minutes, it should be washed thoroughly with cold water.


  • Application of mud pack over the eyes is helpful in cases of itching, allergy, errors of refraction like short sight or long sight, conjunctives, etc.
  • A thick mud pack applied on the head in case of congestive headache gives relief from pain immediately.
  • When mud pack applied on abdomen, it gives relief from all kinds of ingestion.
  • It gives coolness to body.
  • For wounds and skin diseases, application of mud pack is the only true bandage
  • Mud pack is successfully operating for diseases like constipation, headache due to tension, high blood pressure, skin diseases, etc.
  • It dilutes and absorbs different toxins of body.