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BK Arogyam Patient Review- Mrs. Urmila Devi
Mrs. Urmila Devi when started facing complication and get checked from the nearest hospital, she got to me that her kidney is damaged and its functioning is reducing. The doctor recommended she have dialysis. Her creatinine level was 5.86, the GFR rate was 13.26, and urea was 120. She got to know about BK Arogyam and came to us she got admitted for 15 days and with our Ayurvedic treatment her creatinine level reduce 0.50, GFR rate is 136, and urea reduced to 21. With our Ayurvedic medicines, lifestyle changes, proper diet, yoga, meditation, exercise now she is properly fit and healthy and can lead her life peacefully.

BK Arogyam provides all classic ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation processes like Panchakarma therapy, Ayurvedic Treatment for kidney patients.