• July



This is a true story of kidney patients Mr. Shyam Lal, aged 58, from Jaunpur and his experience at B. K Arogyam. Mr. Shyam Lal got some health complications and visited Allahabad for treatment, taken allopathic medicines for but didn't get any relief. That time his creatinine level was 10.44. Doctors straightly recommended him for dialysis. But they didn't go for dialysis and then one of his friends suggested them to visit BK  Arogyam. He came to visit BK Arogyam and meet with Kidney Specialist Doctor B.K. Chaurasia in Varanasi. When he came to us his creatinine level was 11.25 and his kidney was working only 5%. Just after taking the medicines for 10 days, his creatinine level reduced from 11.25 to 1.5.