What are the 5 stages of Kidney Failure?

Chronic kidney disease or kidney failure has been staged into 5 levels, which denotes the increase in the severity of the disease, i.e. from stage 1 to stage 5. All these stages are based on the GFR of the body, i.e. the glomerular filtration rate. The GFR in mL/min is checked to analyze the functioning of the kidneys. The less is the count of GFR, the more is the stage of kidney failure. Below given are the levels for GFR and associated stage of kidney failure with it –

  1. Stage 1 – GFR Level is more than 90 mL/min – Normal Kidney Function
  2. Stage 2 – GFR Level is between 60-89 mL/min – Mild Decline in Kidney Function
  3. Stage 3 – GFR Level is between 30-50 mL/min – Moderate Decline in Kidney Function
  4. Stage 4 – GFR Level is between 15-29 mL/min – Sever Decline in Kidney Function
  5. Stage 5 – GFR Level is below 15 mL/min – End stage of Kidney Disease, i.e. Kidney Failure

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Posted On: February 18 2021


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