How Long Can you Live with Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease can become serious and life-threatening, if not treated on time. If a kidney disease reaches a high stage, then it is of utmost importance for the patient to get the treatment of dialysis or a kidney transplant. The life expectancy of kidney patients declines fast, as compared to normal. For example, a woman who is 40 years old having kidney disease, is expected to live 15 to 16 more years. Therefore, it is advised that a person with kidney disease follows the right Ayurvedic medication and diet so that the disease gets cured efficiently and does not grow more.

If a patient follows a good life routine, with a regular herbal diet, then he/she can live a very long life without much complication. Ayurveda can repair the damage that has been done to the kidney due to CKD. Therefore, Ayurveda can also help patients in living longer by curing the kidneys after being affected by CKD. But, if a patient is not getting any medication, then the kidney disease will progress slowly and can decrease the life expectancy up to 8 to 10 years. To get a perfect CKD Ayurvedic treatment, visit B.K.Arogyam and increase your life expectancy by curing CKD completely.

Posted On: February 19 2021


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