• August



Live Webinar by kidney expert Dr. BK Chaurasia

A golden opportunity for all those patients and people who wanted to get
solutions to their kidney issues. Renowned Kidney specialist, Dr. BK Chaurasia is
going to come live through a webinar on YouTube. He will be answering all your
queries regarding the kidney and you will get solutions of your problems.
Dr. BK Chaurasia is MD and founder of BK Arogyam and Mission Arogyam. He has
the vast experience of herbs and their applied use in natural sciences; he has been
on various International TV channels and national channels for interviews, writing
articles on various health columns in different newspapers.
He is a motivational speaker on health and nutrition, awarded with Top 1000
SMEs of India award and has launched Mission Arogyam with the dream of
making India- a drug-free and disease-free India.
Anyone who has kidney queries or problems then can join this webinar and get