Kidney Failure Content


BK Arogyam has brought a state-of-the-art and research-based technology for kidney patients, in which the damaged kidneys of kidney patients can be regenerated through Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma and Yoga.


This is the first hospital in the world where kidney damage is gradually stopped and the kidneys regenerate.We have also cured thousands of patients with this technique. We also caution you not to get misled by similar false claims. You should understand our method which is explained below on how we regenerate kidneys and have cured thousands of patients.

Ayurvedic medicines

BK Arogyam has prepared a formula of Ayurvedic herbs in case of kidney failure, which removes the factors causing kidney defects from the body and balances those defects which cause the risk of kidney failure. Due to which the kidney starts functioning normally.

Natural treatment - Due to diseases like blood pressure and sugar, kidneys get damaged very quickly, which we can compensate for by water therapy, body massage and modification in diet, which helps a lot in balancing the kidneys.

  • Panchakarma - This is a traditional method which has the power to destroy the toxic elements formed in the body, and in this way the toxins produced in the body are taken out which again generates energy in the deteriorating kidney cells. Which helps a lot in kidney regeneration? Yoga- B.K. Arogyam teaches the patients and their family members the methods of yoga which reduce stress, normalize breathing process and normalize blood circulation, thereby reducing problems like blood pressure and diabetes which harm the kidneys. It spoils. After getting relief from these problems, the kidney starts regenerating automatically. It is especially worth noting that you should not take any medicine on your own or as per someone's advice, nor should you get any naturopathy, yoga etc. done, you should get your treatment done only as per the advice of the trained doctors of BK Arogyam because Every person's body reacts differently to medicines and treatment methods, for which our team of specialized doctors helps you completely.

For successful treatment of acute kidney disease or Medication For Acute Kidney Disease and leading a healthy life, use the services of B.K.Arogyam.