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Proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda

Proteinuria is a condition of the kidney where excess protein is lost through urine. This is the opposite condition of Kidney failure as in kidney failure the nephrons get shrunk, blocked, and the filtration rate gets disturbed and hence the kidney functioning is reduced. In this condition of Proteinuria the reference gets swelled up and the size of nephrons increases so the kidney starts losing protein from it and this is the condition of protein loss from the Kidney. 

If you have developed proteinuria then your risk factors for Kidney Disease diabetes high blood pressure will increase. Diabetes or high blood pressure, family history of kidney patient, high protein diet, kidney infections, or a side effect of any allopathic medicine is the major reasons for proteinuria. If you have high blood pressure then you must check your blood sugar level regularly and taking Ayurvedic medications as your doctor recommends and follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to have diabetes management. Diabetes management is important for proteinuria because this will protect your kidneys from getting further damaged. 

Proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda is based on reducing the protein and diet and providing you with necessary Ayurvedic medications and therapies to have a quick recovery. If you have protein discharge through urine but you do not have diabetes then medications can help you protect your Kidneys from getting further damage and you can recover from this condition through medicines only and you don't need to go for a treatment option.

If you want to reduce protein loss from your urine that is known as proteinuria kidney condition and have treatment in Ayurveda or want to have proteinuria treatment naturally, then follow certain types such as do not add salt during cooking, avoid sausages, dairy products, cheese, and packed food, replace your bread or noodles with low protein alternatives, and have at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and avoid meat, fish, or eggs. If you want to have protein urea treatment and Ayurveda then you can consult BK Arogyam as BK Arogyam is a Health Care Centre that is a trust for the name in Ayurveda from decades.

This organization is operating successfully since 1979 and all of its medication and treatment as purely based on the Holistic approach of Ayurveda. The proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda is based on the fundamental ideology of Ayurveda and does not have any side effects on other vital organs of the human body.




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