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Polycystic kidney disease radiology

This Polycystic kidney disease radiology is one of the pediatric cystic renal diseases. In this disorder, there is multiple small cyst present on and largest echogenic Kidneys and this is diagnosed through ultrasound. The causes of this polycystic kidney disease radiology may be portal hypertension, biliary tract cystic changes, liver involvement with coarse echotexture, etc. Sometimes, this disease depends on the age and stage of hepatic fibrosis. 

Polycystic kidney disease radiology

This is slowly progressive with nearly 100% penetrance and is usually caused due to spontaneous mutation and gene location on the short arm of the chromosome. This is the third most prevalent reason for chronic renal failure chronic kidney disease and almost 1,000 people carried this gene mutation in their chromosomes. 

The most affected age group of this kind of disorder is 40 to 45 years. This Polycystic kidney disease radiology and associated with a cyst in the pancreas, liver, mitral valve prolapse hypertension, proteinuria, abdominal pain, bilaterally large kidney with the multifocal round lesion, polycystic kidney disease shrink after starting of kidney failure, multiple lesions or different size with smooth margins,  etc.

The types of polycystic kidney disease radiology-

The two major types of polycystic kidney disease radiology- autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease that is also known as adult polycystic kidney disease (APKD) and autosomal recessive polycystic everywhere that is also known as infantile cystic kidney disease (IPKD).  

The complications of polycystic kidney disease radiology are cyst rupture, hemorrhage, renal cell carcinoma, increased risk of kidney damage urinary tract infections renal calculi, death from uremia, cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, etc.

Diagnosis of Polycystic kidney disease radiology presence of multiple tests that is less fused, no family history, infantile cyst, acquired uremic cystic disease, or Hippel-Lindau disease, etc.

Treatment for polycystic kidney disease radiology-

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