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Nursing diagnosis for Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is the result of progressive loss of kidney function and this loss of kidney function may be slow that we do not have symptoms until your Kidneys have almost stopped working and reduced its function significantly. The final stage of chronic kidney disease is called end-stage renal disease and at this stage, the kidney will lose its functions completely and will no longer be able to remove and other ways and excess fluid from the body. In Allopath, when you are suffering from any kind of kidney disease either in stage-1 or end-stage renal disease then you would need to go for dialysis for a kidney transplant. 

If you are noticing any kind of changes in your urinary habits or if you know that any of your family members have already suffered from or is suffering from any kind of Kidney Disease than you must get yourself diagnosed for Kidney Disease.

Nursing diagnosis for chronic kidney disease-

Two tests are extremely important if you want to diagnose for Kidney Disease. 

Blood test- the main function of the kidney is to filter the toxic waste material such as threatening and urea in the blood so having a blood test is important for nursing diagnosis for chronic kidney disease.

Urine test- this is a simple test and it will require just a sample of your urine. Your kidney expert will analyze the sample and may reveal any abnormalities that can point towards kidney damage and can help identify the root cause of your nursing diagnosis for chronic kidney disease.

An urologist or kidney expert can even perform other physical exams to check if there are any symptoms of blood vessel damage or heart or can even conduct several neurological exams.

If you are facing any complications or symptoms of chronic kidney disease or willing to get a nursing diagnosis for chronic kidney disease than you can consult BK Arogyam. This healthcare center was established in 1979 and successfully operating since then. The center is spreading the rays of Ayurveda across the world and millions of people have trust in this organization. This center has secured more than 1 lakh patients successfully and still counting. 

This center medication and treatment is purely based on the fundamental ideology and holistic approach of Ayurveda. Apart from the purely manufactured natural organic and herbal medication, the center focuses on certain lifestyle changes such as a properly balanced diet, yoga, pranayama, exercise, meditation, and several therapies. These therapies include Panchakarma, Shirodhara sunlight therapy, mud therapy, udvartana, abhyanga, hydrotherapy, etc. The treatment is based on Nagarjun therapy and they do not have any side effects on other vital organs of the human body.




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