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What is a Medullary sponge kidney?

This is a congenital disorder that means it is present since birth. A medullary sponge kidney occurs when small sacs form either on the collecting duct or on the tubes within the kidney. The tiny foods within the kidney are called tubules and collecting the class channel where urine is collected for its removal from the body. These sacs can reduce the outward flow of urine. Either of the kidneys or both the kidneys can get the effect from this condition. This condition is one of the rarest disorders of the kidney and the exact reason is not yet known. What one of the major causes of this kidney is genetic or the family history of the patient. Many research works suggest that females are mostly affected by this disorder as compared to men.

How is a Medullary sponge kidney diagnosis? 

The diagnosis of Medullary sponge kidney is done through a type of X-ray procedure called as intravenous pyelogram. This method is also known as intravenous urogram. In this procedure, the doctor uses a special dye that is injected so that the doctor can visualize the kidneys and analyze problems such as cyst or sacs or any kind of blockage in the urinary tract. Doctors can even use other tests such as ultrasound for CT scans to diagnose MSK.

How is a Medullary sponge kidney treated in Ayurveda?

After confirming the diagnosis your doctor will immediately monitor your kidney for changes in the cyst or signs of stones or urinary tract infections. Any infection when occurred in the urinary tract then can be easily treated through Ayurvedic medications. Kidney stones can pass through by themselves but if they are too large to pass through then it will require Ayurvedic treatment. In Ayurvedic treatment, the Ayurvedic medication will help to dissolve the kidney stone and letting them pass through the urine without causing any blockage in the urinary tract.

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