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How long does kidney stone pain last after passing?

Kidneys are the most essential organ in the human body that is responsible for performing some important functions such as removing excessive Minerals and urea from the blood and our body usually excretes these chemical products through urine. In some cases, when large amounts of these minerals accumulate in kidneys then they form crystal-like substances known as kidney stones.

If the size of the kidney stone is comparatively small then it will travel through urine without the occurrence of any issues and will not come major symptoms but if the size of the kidney stone is large then it can create several issues such as causing pain and it will take more time in lodging themselves in the ureter. 

How long does kidney stone pain last after passing?

The duration of pain after surpassing kidney stones naturally depends on two factors that is size and location. The size of the kidney plays a major role in determining how long kidney stone pains last after passing. Smaller stones can pass faster and without causing pain but if the size of the stone is larger then it can take much time and will pass with pain and the pain will last till few days after passing out.

After size, the location is also extremely important to determine how long does kidney stone pain last after passing as location matters because it will determine if a person will be able to pass that kidney stone naturally or will need some treatment. If the stone is present in the upper part of the ureter and is close to the kidney then there are chances that there will be lesser pain as compared to if the stone is present in the lower part of the ureter and far from the kidney.

If you are suffering from any kind of stone such as kidney stone or any other kind of stone then you can consult BK Arogyam for ayurvedic treatment. BK Arogyam is a famous name in the Ayurveda healthcare sector that is prominent and caring for all kinds of kidney stones without causing much pain to patients. They have cured more than lac patients successfully and operating since 1979 and spreading rays of Ayurveda to the world. If you want to reduce the pain after passing a kidney stone then consult BK Arogyam.



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