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Glomerular filtration rate

It is also known as the gfr rate. This is a kind of text that is used to check how well the kidneys are performing their functions. It estimates how much blood can pass through the glomeruli each minute. Glomeruli are the small units of the kidney. These are tiny filters that help in filtering the waste from the blood. This gfr test shows the filtration rate and if it is between 100 to 130 then this is considered normal for men below the age of 40 and when gfr rate between 90 to 120 that are considered normal for females below the age of 40. Glomerular filtration rate decreases significantly after the age of 40 years.

 normal gfr rate?

According to the Glomerular filtration rate, we divide the stages of chronic kidney disease and the percentage of kidney functioning. If the gfr rate else 90 or higher than your kidney can function 90-100 % and this is considered as stage 1 of chronic kidney disease where fitting damage is just started. If the gfr rate is between 89 to 60 then the kidney functioning is between 89 to 60% and this is considered as the second stage of disease and Kidneys damage is just started with mild loss of kidney function.

Stages of CKD by measuring Glomerular filtration rate-

When gfr rate is between 59 to 30, then your kidney functioning as reduced by 45% and you are in stage 3, and mild to moderate loss of kidney damage has started. When your Glomerular filtration rate is between 29 to 15, and your kidney functioning is between 30 to 15% and there is severe loss of kidney functioning and you are suffering from the stage for chronic kidney disease. The Glomerular filtration rate is less than 50% then you can estimate that your kidney functioning is only 15% and you are on the end-stage all stage 5 of chronic kidney disease which is also considered as kidney failure.

What to do if your Glomerular filtration rate is reduced?

If your Glomerular filtration rate is reduced less than 40% then you should get a check-up from any Kidney specialist or you can get a check-up from BK Arogyam. This is one of the most trusted names in ayurvedic history that is prominent than curing all kinds of kidney diseases of the root cause and can provide permanent solutions to its patients. BK Arogyam is operating successfully since 1979 from the last 41 years and has cured +1, 00, 000 patients.


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