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EGFR stands for the estimated Glomerular filtration rate. This is the best overall index of kidney function. The normal GFR varies according to sex, body size, age, and declines as increasing age. 

EGFR test

This is a far test stands for estimated Glomerular filtration rate test and you need to get your EGFR tested from any pathology and then get analyzed by any kidney expert. This EGFR test will show the percentage of your kidney functioning. 

Stages of EGFR test-

If your GFR rate is above 90 then you have normal kidney functioning. If the GFR rate is between 60 and 89 then your kidney function is mildly reduced and you are somewhere near stage 1 kidney chronic disease. If your GFR rate is between 59 to 30 than your kidney functioning as moderately reduced and you are suffering from Stage 2 chronic kidney disease. If your GFR rate is between 15 and 29 then your kidney functioning is severely reduced and you are on the third stage chronic kidney disease. GFR is less than 15 then you are either on dialysis or on end-stage kidney failure.

If you are feeling any of the kidney symptoms or if you are GFR rate is below 90 then you need to get your blood and urine tested or you can consult BK Arogyam. BK Arogyam is one of the most famous names in Ayurveda history at a specialized in Korean word kinds of kidney disorders it is operating purposefully since 1979 from the last 41 years and has cured more than a lakh patients. The treatment and medication that is provided by BK Arogyam are purely natural, herbal, and organic-based which is free of any side effect. They not only focus on medication but also focuses on lifestyle changes such as provide a proper balanced diet, yoga, meditation, exercise, pranayams, breathing exercises, etc.


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