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Dialysis side effects


The kidney is the most essential organ of the human body which is responsible for performing many vital functions such as filtering the blood, producing hormones, maintaining the fluid level, stimulating Vitamin D, etc. If due to any reason the kidney gets damaged and fails to perform its functions properly, then this condition is known as Kidney Disease. There are only two types of cure of kidney diseases in allopath such as dialysis and transplant. Dialysis means just substitute for the functioning of the kidney. But there are several dialysis side effects. Dialysis is not a cure for a kidney problem. 

Many reasons contribute in the damage of kidney such as side effects of allopathic medicine, pain killers, antiseptic, antibiotics, etc, or if you are suffering from any other health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, internal damages, infections, cardiovascular disease, liver damage, etc. Dialysis side effects are many such as it has a direct negative impact on vital organs of the human body such as the kidney, liver, heart, stomach and reduces the functioning of many systems such as the digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, etc.

Dialysis side-effects are many such as it has huge complications on the body. The cost of dialysis is huge as there are some procedurals involved in this process. Dialysis side-effects are huge on the vital organs of the human body. After doing the dialysis it becomes mandatory to have several supplements for maintaining the balanced metabolism of the body.

If you want to cure your kidney diseases then you should never go for dialysis or transplant. If you want to treat your kidney naturally then proceed for ayurvedic treatment not for dialysis because dialysis side-effects are huge and expensive. 

If you want to treat your kidneys without having any side-effects on other vital organs then you can have treatment at BK Arogyam. It is operating successfully since 1979 and has secured more than a lakh patient from the last 41 years. We have an expert team of doctors, counselors, and dietitians that provides full support for our patients in recovering even faster. We not only focus on lifestyle changes such as therapies, treatments, diet, exercise, yoga, Pranayam but also our ayurvedic medicines are free of any side effects and are safe and secure to use.



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