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Contrast induced neuropathy

This contrast induced neuropathy refers to the impairment of kidney function measured as either 20 to 25% increase in serum creatinine level from baseline or 0.5 mg per DL increase and the absolute serum creatinine value at least with them 48 to 72 hours after contrast administration. For kidney insufficiency to be attributable to contrast administration it should be acute and usually at least occurring within 2 to 4 days and it should also not be attributable to any other identifying cause of Kidney failure. 

This kind of acute kidney injury is a common and Furious complication of angiographic procedure associated with increased health resource utilization and adverse outcomes such as short and long-term mortality and accelerated progression of kidney insufficiency. The incidence of this CIN that is contrast induced nephropathy has been reported to range from 20 % to 25% and thus wide-range reported by the students is due to the differences in their background risk factors, dose of contrast medium, and type of contrast medium, and the frequency of other coexisting potential causes of acute kidney failure. 

In this condition the serum creatinine levels at 1-3 days after administration of contrast medium and returns to baseline within 7 to 10 days after administration. Contrast induced nephropathy is an important reversible and transient cause of hospital acquired kidney failure and the incidence of which varies greatly. Contrast-induced neuropathy is the third most common cause of hospital acquired acute kidney injury which represent almost about 10 to 12% of the cases. The treatment of contrast induced neuropathy is mainly supportive and it consists of careful fluid and electrolyte management and in some cases in allopathic treatment the doctor may suggest for dialysis. But let me clear this point that dialysis is not the cure of this problem and this is just an alternative of kidney functioning.

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