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Today we will share an inspiring Ayurvedic recovery journey of Pulkit Kumar.  Before 6 months, Pulkit faced complications of kidney damage and went to the nearby clinic and diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. 

After taking 5 months of allopathic treatment when he didn't improve and his kidney damage was not stopping so he checked YouTube for ayurvedic treatment and got to know about BK Arogyam.

He came to Varanasi to visit us and just after taking nearly 10 days of treatment and medication from BK Arogyam is written a level that was 2.4 reduced to 1.7. He has followed all the guidelines provided by our expert Ayurvedic nephrologist.

Now he is not facing any symptoms and complications of kidney damage and is kidney functioning has regained its original state with optimal and healthy creatinine level. 

Mr. Pulkit has followed all the instructions provided by our therapists, dietitian, Ayurvedic expert nephrologist, etc. He was very much impressed by the lifestyle changes that BK Arogyam provides such as a properly balanced diet, meditation, yoga, pranayama, exercise, breathing exercises, therapies, etc.

He wants to spread a message to everyone that if you are facing any kind of kidney problem then do not go for allopathic treatment as they have no cure for kidney damage and will recommend you for dialysis and transplant.

He stated that he has understood that dialysis and transplant is not a solution to Kidney Disease and is not going to cure your Kidneys so without wasting a single moment if you have started facing any symptoms or complications of kidney damage done directly consult for ayurvedic treatment at BK Arogyam. He is happy, satisfied, and can enjoy and live his life to the fullest.

This Centre provides treatment of all kinds of getting diseases such as chronic kidney disease, acute kidney disease nephrotic kidney syndrome, polycystic kidney syndrome, kidney stones, and other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, joint problems, piles cancer, etc.

The center has cured more than lac patients successfully and is operating since 1979. This is spreading the rays of Ayurveda to the world and promoting disease-free and drug-free- India Moto.



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