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Can kidney disease be reversed?

The key to reverse kidney damage is the detection of kidney damage in its early stage. If the damages caught early enough then the underlying issue can be treated and the Kidneys can begin to heal themselves. The treatment for curing kidney damage will involve certain lifestyle changes along with the possible medical procedures. 

Symptoms of Kidney failure-

When you get me starts damage then they are after little no symptoms but if you are a doctor can find the kidney damage in an early stage during the physical examination for laboratory test then give me experience certain symptoms such as- itching, joint pain, tiredness, water weight accumulation causing your ankles leg or feet to swell, less urine than a normal headache, back pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, rashes, color change of urine, pain during urination, frequent urination, etc.

Causes of Kidney failure- 

There are many causes of kidney damage such as the direct damage that has occurred because of any blood clot or infection in the kidneys, blood flow stopped or reduced to the kidneys, urine is blocked from leaving the kidney due to a condition side effect, or infection from certain medications, etc.

Kidney Failure Diagnosis-

Confirming the kidney damage or kidney chronic disease usually involves both urine and blood test because blood test will measure the creatinine and urea nitrogen which are waste products and the blood that will show how your Kidneys are performing and urine test will check for protein certain electrolytes and blood that may indicate why your kidneys are failing to perform its function properly.

Can kidney disease be reversed in allopath-

No Kidney Disease cannot be reversed and allopathic because there is no cure for kidney damage and repair as there are only two alternatives that can Diabetes and transplant. Diabetes is only a substitute for kidney functioning and transplant in the surgical process where the damaged kidney is replaced by the donor's kidney. So the answer to the query, 'can Kidney Disease be reversed' in allopathic is straightforward no.

Can Kidney Disease be reversed in Ayurveda-

Yes, it is possible to reverse the Kidney Disease through Ayurveda because the medication and treatment that is applied in Ayurvedic treatment are based on the fundamental ideology and holistic approach of Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic treatment and medication focus on the root cause and provide permanent relief to the patient and do not have any side effects on other essential organs of the body.

Can Kidney Disease be reversed in BK Arogyam-

BK Arogyam is a trustworthy name in the history of Ayurvedic health care centers that are providing Ayurvedic treatment of all kinds of diseases. This health care center can reverse kidney damage because of its Ayurvedic treatment and procedures that involve certain lifestyle changes and strictly focuses on the diet and medications of the patient. They have cured kidney damage from the root cause and stop the dialysis of millions of patients.



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