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Kidney being the vital organ of human body needs to get protected if not able to perform its functions properly.

What are the fruits that a person with kidney disease should not consume?

When you have CKD, reduce your potassium, phosphorus and sodium intake can help manage it and Learn about diet what are the fruits that a person with kidney disease should not consume. If we talk about fruits, then all fruits should be avoided whose potassium and sodium or phosphorus content is high like bananas, apricot, avocado, orange or even orange juice, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, melons, etc. These fruits should be strictly avoided by the kidney patients in order to recover faster.

Food should be consume

Apples, cranberries, grapes, pineapples and strawberries are fine, you can have them once in a week in small quantity, they won’t affect kidney as much as above mentioned high potassium, sodium containing fruits will damage kidney.

 Best Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment Hospital: BK Arogyam

 B.K AROGYAM is world’s famous kidney healthcare and research center. It has cured more than lakh patients successfully and is operating excellently since 2000. Here they treat patients with treatments and medicines that are purely Ayurveda based, with no side effects. They provide 100 % safe and secure medicines and they even provide a list of food that a kidney patient should eat, and should not eat. This specialised diet chart helps patients creatinine level to get lower.

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Aaris Ansari

Sir meri wife ko abhi abhi kidney problem huwa hai abhi dialysis chalu hai uska creatinine 8 point hai Sir medicine bataiye jisse uska dialysis band ho jaye aur uski kidney sahi ho jaye


THANKS, BK Arogyam for the treatment


good information


nice diet plan

Deepa gupta

Good information for diet chart