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Best Kidney Treatment Hospital Without Dialysis In Delhi India

Kidney has major importance in our body. This is so because We consume different kinds and quantities and kind of food every day.        The quantity of water, salts, and acids in our body also vary every day. The continuous process of converting food into energy produces harmful toxic materials. These factors lead to changes in the amount of fluid, electrolytes and acids in the body. The accumulation of unwanted toxic materials can be life-threatening. Each kidney carries out the essential job of flushing out harmful and toxic by-products. At the same time, they also regulate and maintain the right balance and levels of water, acids, and electrolyte.

The primary function of the kidney is to make urine and purify the blood. Each kidney removes waste materials and other chemicals which are not required by the body. Most important functions of the kidney are described below: -

  • Removal of waste product
  • Removal of excess fluid
  • Balance of minerals and chemicals
  • Control of blood pressure
  • Production of red blood cells
  • To maintain healthy bones

If due to any reason the Kidney is unable to perform its function then this condition is called Kidney disease. If Kidney loses its ability to perform its function properly then this condition is called Kidney disease. If Kidney stops working its function completely than it is called Kidney  Failure.


Best Kidney Treatment Hospital In Delhi India

BK Arogyam Hospital is one of the best kidney Treatment hospitals in Delhi India with world class kidney care facilities. We manufacture our herbal products with strict adherence to Ayurveda. All our herbal medicines are made from natural herbs with ancient time tested formulas. Our all medication and products are certified through ISO and GMP.

BK Arogyam Hospital: Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis

B.K. Arogyam & Research was established before 38 years in the year 2000 by reputated Dr.B.K. Chaurasia. This center was established with an aim to cure patients suffering from any kind of Kidney disease Like Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment, Acute Kidney Disease Treatment, Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment, Nephrotic Kidney Disease Treatment in the terms of Ayurveda. From starting only we aimed at providing low cost, herbal, secure, safe, long lasting Ayurvedic treatment of kidney diseases without dialysis. Then we researched on the methods that were fastly curing the remedies of the patients.

We do not use any Allopathic i.e. English medicine for treatment. We only use Ayurvedic and herbal medicines for curing kidney diseases. We have 1,00,000+ satisfied patients from all over the World. We produce more than 180+ packages for various diseases.

It is the best hospital in Delhi India Book an online appointment at your nearest BK Arogyam Hospital now.

For More Details: +91-8081222333


Nrishinga Das

CKD stage 5, twice weekly dialysis, living in Vrindavan (UP) - would like info about doctor, appointment, etc.


I want to cunsult with Dr. BK sir.

Shourya gupta

bk arogyam me best ayurvedic medicines milti hai lisse ki mere friend ki kidney shi ho gyi


thanks sir information dena ke liye


the best treatment of bk arogyam without dialysis

Deepa gupta

best ayurveda kidney treatment