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Once dialysis is started can it be stopped By BK Arogyam?

Yes, if once the dialysis is started, of course, it can be stopped by B.K. Arogyam. Dialysis is a procedure that performs the functions of natural kidneys when the kidneys fail. It is a treatment for people in the later stage of chronic kidney disease (kidney failure). This treatment clearly is not a cure but helps patients feel better and live longer.
The most frequently asked question is

Can Dialysis Be Stopped Once Started

If the patient is on dialysis because of acute kidney injury (AKI) then recovery is possible and dialysis can often be stopped. If the patient is on dialysis because of chronic kidney disease (CKD), then stopping dialysis could result in death or severe illness. This is the answer given by allopathic doctors but according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda has the capability of curing kidney failure and it has the strength of stopping dialysis even if it is started once.

Stop Kidney Dialysis By Ayurvedic Medicine: BK Arogyam

Ayurveda is an ancient cure for body, mind, and soul which uses natural herbs and pre-historic techniques. The herbs used in the medicines have no side-effects, unlike other allopathic medicines. B.K. Arogyam is one of the well-known treatment centers for kidney problems. They have been treating kidney patients since 2000 with their effective herbal treatment process.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Disease

B.K. Arogyam is India’s leading kidney healthcare center that is exceeding its value among kidney patients by providing safe, effective and most fast-relieving treatments for kidney failure. If you start dialysis do you ever stop?. If the patient is on dialysis then recovery is possible and dialysis can often be stopped by BK Arogyam ayurvedic medicine. We aim at curing patients without any transplant/ kidney dialysis. We provide the safest procedurals, treatments and proper organic balanced diet and have cured millions of patients worldwide.
Our curing method has two approaches:- 1. By medicine and 2. By various treatment procedurals like Panchkarma, Shiro dhara, Udavartana, Shat karma, etc. We have experience of curing more than 1, 00, 000+ from all over the world.

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