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What Is the Kidney and its Function?

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs in the human body that perform many vital functions. They are in charge of removing waste through urine, filtering blood, balancing minerals, maintaining fluid balance, and producing hormones, etc. There are many factors of risk for Kidney Disease and kidney patients are recommended to have a proper diet in order to prevent more kidney damage and infections.

Is Cucumber Bad for the Kidneys?

Yes, cucumber is bad for the kidney.  The main reason why kidney patients are not allowed from eating cucumber is that it increases the potassium in blood level. If a kidney patient is consuming cucumber in a large amount then it can increase the risk of Kidney failure. Also, it will increase the damage of the kidney. Eating cucumber can cause some other health complications also such as hyperkalemia.

However, the moderate intake of this fruit cucumber can also increase the risk of kidney stones because it is high in oxalate and potassium. This fruit decreases the kidney function and increases the damage of renal tissues which my father lead to kidney failure or kidney stones

BK Arogyam: Kidney Disease Treatment

B.K Arogyam is one of the original names in the world of Ayurvedic medical practices. It is a healthcare center, specialized in the treatment of all types of kidney diseases. We have found all medicine and treatment to cure all diseases either it is fever or kidney chronic disease or heart disease. We only practice Ayurvedic techniques and medications in curing patients for a long time. To get more information in dietary for kidney patients can contact B.K Arogyam.


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