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10 Healthy Foods for dialysis Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease

If the kidneys fail and the condition reaches to its advanced stage, the patient mostly goes for dialysis treatments for the whole life unless one is able to get a kidney transplant. A life expectancy on dialysis depends on the other medical conditions and the procedure of treatment plan and its effect on the damaged kidneys and also the diet of kidney patient. The average life expectancy on dialysis is about 5 to 10 years. However, many patients have existed well on dialysis for 20 to 30 years. However, it’s not a treatment and only expands the life of kidneys for a certain time period.
When Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) progresses on to dialysis, diet chart continues to play a vital role in a patient’s rehabilitative care. A well-balanced Food For Dialysis Patient is necessary for them to stay fit as their kidneys are no longer functioning at its full capacity i.e. to get rid of the waste products and fluid from their blood. Meal Chart is essential for dialysis patients to have the right amount of protein, calories, fluids,
keeping the body of a diseased patient healthy.

End Stage Renal Disease Diet

  •  One must monitor the carbohydrate and fat intake as it can result in diabetes. Diabetes is one of the main causes leading to kidney problems
    • A patient must keep a check the cholesterol level as its type of a fat. The lowering of cholesterol level can decrease the stress on the kidneys
    • Reduce protein intake. One must avoid red meat, eggs, butter, and other dairy products from their diet
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in the daily meals instead of processed food
    • Alcohol, caffeine and aerated drinks should be cut down from the diet or taken in limited quantity
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