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Top Healthy Fruits and Vegetables For Kidney Patients with Kidney Failure

Ayurveda provides the best treatments. We B.K. Arogyam approaches two methods of treatments for Kidney failure treatments:- 1. Through medicine and proper diet 2. By giving various beneficial treatments by admitting the patient.

  • Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for kidney failure patients.

    Top Healthy Fruits For Kidney Patients with Kidney Failure

    • (i) Dry fruits: Pistachio, almonds are useful to tone up weak kidneys,
    • (ii) fresh fruits: Mango is beneficial to remove weakness of Kidneys. Fresh pineapple 60 g daily is useful for the cure of Kidney stone.
    • Lisora fruits are poison antidote and diuretic, its decoction relieves painful maturation.
    •Coconut water is very efficient in urinary troubles.
    •Pomegranate- Outer fruit skin dried in shade, powdered and taken 4g with water twice a day for 10 days cures polyurea. Rice food must be avoided.
    •Banana: Take a banana fruit and 25 ml juice of amla with sugar. It cures urinary troubles.
    •Grape: Take three raisins and remove their seeds then enclose one black pepper in each of them. These should be taken at bedtime for a few days continuously to cure urination by drops.

    Top Healthy Vegetables For Kidney Patients with Kidney Failure

    •Leafy: only leafy vegetable should be taken like spinach, cauliflower, etc.
    •Root vegetables:
    .Carrot fruit juice cures kidney troubles.
    . Radish: Leaves & small sized roots are efficacious to effect the cure.
    .Onion juice of bulb is beneficial.
    This is a detailed list of fruit and vegetable beneficial for kidney failure patient. The amount of water a kidney patient takes is also very important for the health of the kidney. B.K. Arogyam is best in treating every disorder of kidney like CKD i.e. Chronic Kidney disease, acute kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, Nephrotic kidney syndrome, etc.


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