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Effect of Ayurvedic medicine on 100 patients of chronic renal failure

What Is Kidney and its Function?

The kidney is the pivotal organ of the human body. It performs many important functions of the body i.e. detoxification of the body, regulating the level of fluid in the body, removing the waste, extra fluid and unwanted water from the body. If somehow kidney fails to perform its function properly then this condition of a kidney is called Kidney Disease and if kidney stop working completely then this condition of the kidney is called Chronic Renal Failure.

Effects of Ayurvedic Medicine on 100 Patient of Chronic Renal Failure

Ayurveda means ‘knowledge of living’. It detoxifies our human body, mind, and soul. It looks at the overall progress of the body. It is also recommended by the doctors to get an Ayurvedic treatment once in a year. Ayurveda is free from any kind of side-effects.
Ayurveda is the only treatment which cures Chronic Renal Failure in the most cost-efficient, effective, easy to do and natural method. It is a safe and secure method of curing any type of kidney disorder. It is the 100% sure to get the resultant remedy.

Chronic Renal Failure BY Ayurvedic Medicine: BK Arogyam

B.K. Arogyam is a kidney healthcare and research center. It provides treatments and medications of all kidney disorders. Bk Arogyam provides the best Ayurvedic medicine and you can see the effects on 100 Chronic Renal Failure Patient who can stop kidney dialysis completely.
Here we tried our herbal medications and purely Ayurveda based treatments on 100 patients of Chronic Renal Failure and the results were just superbly amazing. We were able to cure 99 patients successfully with only herbal medications and Ayurvedic treatments. B.K. Arogyam is the oldest center for kidney care in India. It is India’s only individual build-up center. The reason for this majestic achievement is that all the medication provided by our center are cultivated in our farm and prepared in our own laboratory by our skilled scientist. All the medicines provided by us are certified by ISO and GMP. All medication is 100% pure, unrefined and herbal. In fact, we not only manufacture own medicines but also we have developed various methods and techniques of treatment for better and fast recovery of patients. The center is running since 2000. It has cured more than one lakhs patients successfully till date. We are increasing our services and treatments in other insane diseases like diabetes, cancer, piles etc.

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md hasmat

I.m kidney pesent


Cretinine is 1.1 39 female with single kidney from birth and having low urune output from last 4 month help me

Kunal Rajendra Thakur

My creatinine is 9 and I already spent 2to3 lacks rs on ayurvedic treatment but zero result so how can I assure my family about your medicine?

Loretta Clement, MD

Hello DoctorSahb: Im curios to know which Ayurveda medicines/herbs do you use for patients with CRF or ESRD (blood work~> BUN=was 114, now is =75, CREATININE= was =14, now is =9; Hgb =6/Hct=18, Potassium =5.5, Phosphorus =7, GFR=8, Parathyroid Hormone level =1375). Patient was born with Prune Belly Syndrome, now 17 yrs old male, very active in sports, never complains of anything, looks and ACTs like any young teenager ready for college. No Past medical history of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyper cholesterolemia or kidney stones. Any suggestions or help or consultations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.

Rupesh Bhimjiani

Reagarding shrunk left side kidney and 23% functioning of left side kidney ... can medicine help in regenerating my shrunk kidney and can the percentage of my kidney function increase... Right kidney is proper in size and its 77% functional