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Can kidney patients eat chicken?

Kidneys are bean-shaped and perform many vital functions. It is responsible for filtering blood, eliminating waste, balancing minerals and fluid, producing hormones, etc. When Kidneys are damaged or unable to perform their functions properly and fluid is build up in the body and to maintain the weak kidney or to repair the damage of the kidney is important for a kidney patient to consume a properly balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients.

Effect of a Chicken-Based Diet on Renal Function 

There are certain things that each kidney patient needs to avoid or limit and one of these things is chicken. Chicken is not good for kidney patients although the limited amount of protein intake is important for kidney patients providing the body with an excess amount of high-quality protein will not be good for health. If required kidney patients can consume skinless chicken because it contains less amount of sodium-potassium and phosphorus then a skin-on chicken.


Eating Right for Chronic Kidney Disease

A person having a normal protein diet and include chicken as the only source of meat and that person is suffering from type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria then it will not be good for the person to eat chicken.


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