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BK Arogyam Kidney patient Review: Mithilesh Kumar From Bihar

The kidney is a very important organ of the human body and when it gets damaged it is difficult to cure it through allopathic treatment. Dialysis and transplant are the only treatments available in allopathic and they both do not cure the kidney of the root cause and fail to provide patients with permanent relief.


Inspiring Ayurvedic journey of Mithilesh Kumar

Here, we are going to tell you ad inspiring Ayurvedic journey of Mr. Mithilesh Kumar and his experience at BK Arogyam. In the younger age of 10 or 12, he had faced the complications of kidney stones and gets it removed. After many years hi again started facing some complications of kidney and when he went for the check-up at Patna, and according to his reports, his kidney was damaging. His Doctors recommended him to have dialysis or transplant.



Real Testimonial Story Of Mithilesh Kumar:  Why Dialysis and Transplant is not a solution 

He went with his father to Chandigarh PGI and decided to have a transplant. but he did a lot of Government documentation and verification work for transplantation and before getting transplant surgery doctors kept him for 8 to 9 months on dialysis. After 3 months getting a transplant of 7.5 lakhs, again complications started and he went to the doctor and the doctor told him that his kidney was shrunk and the doctor recommended having some injections of 2.5 lakh. Because the family has already spent too much money so they were not financially stable now to have such costly injection so they decided to go for any ayurvedic treatment. After having Ayurvedic treatment also there was no significant decrease in the creatinine level.

So after searching on YouTube they found BK Arogyam and after collecting details and researching on BK Arogyam they decided to have treatment with us.

Through this story, we can learn that transplant been so much expensive, risky, leading to a lot of documentation, and government approval cannot guarantee to keep the person healthy and cure the kidney. So neither dialysis nor transplant is the solution to kidney diseases. Only BK Arogyam Ayurvedic treatment can cure kidney diseases without dialysis and transplant and provide patients with permanent relief.

Contact BK Arogyam if you are facing any complications related to chronic kidney problems.



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