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BK Arogyam Kidney Patient - Mr. Shyam Lal

  Kidneys are one of the most significant organs in the human body that performs a number of vital functions for keeping the body healthy. When these failed to perform its functions properly then it is called Kidney Disease. Allopathic cannot cure it but what allopath cannot do, Ayurveda can. Ayurveda is becoming a ray of hope for kidney patients for ages and helps to cure kidney diseases permanently.

  Here, the story of one of the real testimonial kidney patients Mr. Shayam Lal how to follow the BK Arogyam tips ways to keep his kidneys healthy. Mr. Shyam Lal, aged 58, from Jaunpur and his experience at B. K Arogyam. Mr. Shyam Lal got some health complications and visited Allahabad for treatment, taken medicines for 10 days but didn't get any relief.  This time his creatinine level was 10.44.  Doctors straightly recommended him for dialysis.  But they didn't go for dialysis and then one of his friends suggested them to visit B. K Arogyam. He came to visit B. K Arogyam in Varanasi. When he came to us his creatinine level was 11.25 and his kidney was working only 5%.  Just after taking the medicines for 10 days, his creatinine level reduced from 11.25 to 1.5, which is considered a normal creatinine level and his kidney is now working 53%. Now the patient is happy, healthy and he can walk on his own and he suggests everyone trust Ayurveda because allopathic has so many complications, side effects and does not cure the disease permanently. You can see the report

Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Creatinine Treatment

BK Arogyam is a well-known and trustworthy name in the history of Ayurveda. It is specialized in curing all kinds of kidney disease by Ayurveda. We are successfully operating since 1979 and we have cured more than 10000 patients worldwide. Our Ayurvedic treatment includes Ayurvedic medicines, a properly balanced diet, yoga, meditation, exercise, and several lifestyle changes. Our treatments are effective in stopping dialysis and reducing the creatinine level. You can visit our site and see testimonial videos of our patients on YouTube.



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