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 Kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped fist-sized organ placed at the bottom of our rib cage, on both the sides of our spine. Kidneys are of vital importance. They perform several significant functions in our body. Their major function is to filter waste products, toxins, excess liquids, and other impurities from the blood.

Apart from its main function, there are various other functions also performed by Kidneys such as controlling acid-base balance, electrolyte balance, water balance, controlling blood pressure, producing hormones, activating vitamin D, regulating pH, osmolality regulation, reabsorption of nutrients, secretion of some active compounds, etc.

An organ with such vital functions needs to be preserved and cared with utmost alertness level. Maintaining the kidney’s health has vital importance for the overall health and well-being of the body.  If kidneys are kept healthy then it can filter waste properly, produce hormones to help our body function properly.

Here  Available 9 tips 

Kidney failure is a serious medical condition because it works hard day in and day out to maintain general health and well-being. So, here are the 9 tips to keep the kidneys healthy which help the overall health.

  • STAY FIT AND BE ACTIVE- Regular exercising is a must for everyone, it not only keeps you fit, active and glowing but it also lowers the risk of chronic kidney diseases.
  • LIMIT THE INTAKE OF OTC PILLS- We must be aware of the amount of Over the Counter (OTC) pills we take. We all know how dangerous these painkillers, antibiotics, OTC pills are.
  • MONITOR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL- people who are diabetic or have high levels of blood sugar are more prone to developing kidney problems.
  • CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE- kidney damage can be caused by high blood pressure.
  • QUIT SMOKING- We all are well aware of the facts of smoking. It not only affects the kidney’s health but also it has an unending list of effects it has on various organs like liver, heart, etc.
  • DRINK FLUIDS IN PLENTY- If we are taking an adequate amount of water daily then we are keeping our kidney healthy.
  • KEEP CHECK ON WEIGHT- everyone needs to monitor their body weight regularly. People who are overweight or suffering from obesity are at a greater risk of developing various health issues in the near future.
  • DO YOGA AND EXERCISE- Performing yoga, doing meditation, and exercise helps you keep your body and kidneys healthy. Regular walking for at least 30 minutes is beneficial for overall health.
  • EAT HEALTHY DIET- having a properly balanced diet with correct nutrients in the correct amount effects body in a positive manner.


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