Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Disease Tretament In India By Ayurveda

Bk Arogyam Hospital & Research center is the most authentic name in the medical sector that established 38 years ago in 1979, at Varanasi India by the famous Ayurvedic Specialist Vaidya Mr. N.L.Chaurasia. BK Arogyam is the most dependable hospital that promises to offer patients the genuine and 100% natural treatment for all types of Kidney disease treatment by ayurvedic medicine such as chronic kidney disease treatment, Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment, Nephrotic Syndrome and Acute Kidney Disease Treatment.


B.K. Arogyam Hospital & Research Center is India’s First Center that is Providing Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Disease Treatment in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, India and We have a specialized team of medical experts that works regularly on Kidney Treatment By Ayurveda.

In the year 2001, under the mentorship and leadership of Dr. B.K.Chaurasia, India’s first Kidney and Diabetes Research Center was founded, which is a complete Ayurveda based personal research institute, where scientists not only discover new drugs for diabetes and kidney disease but also constantly find new procedures, drugs, and manufacturing methods, food and living conditions with quality ayurvedic medicine for Kidney disease Treatment which is ISO and GMP certified. Various researchers on supportive medical practices such as naturopathy, yoga, pranayama, acupressure, mantra therapy, Yagna therapy, Panchakarma etc. has also been started in B.K.Arogyam Research Center.

With the herbal formula of treatment, we have served and cured more than one lakh complex patients in the last 38 years because of our own development of such drugs and procedures which proves us different from others. The following points make B.K. Arogyam Research Center and Hospital unique in the country.

We run India’s first Ayurveda based B.K.Kidney and Diabetes Care Clinic branches.

We have our own drug manufacturing centers, where they manufacture more than 200 specialized and patent drugs.

We have our own organic farmhouse, where herbs are grown that is extracted from Vindhya mountain ranges

We run India’s first Kidney and Diabetes Research Hospital where in addition to Ayurveda; we use the method of Naturopathy, Mantra Therapy, Yagna Therapy, Yoga, Pranayama, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Acupuncture etc. for treating the patients

We are India’s first research center, who uses the specialized Nagarjuna method for the manufacture of miraculous quality of Ayurvedic medicines.

In our B.K.Arogyam research center, the team of specialist doctors, pharmacists and scientists are working continuously and are getting engaged in the search of the most effective drugs for diabetes and other related diseases

We are the first Ayurvedic research center in India, who also has an online panel of specialist doctors, who can provide advice on diabetes and other problems through online.

We provide Ayurveda based Complete Body Scanning procedure through which we can diagnose and treat the most serious diseases

We have India’s first Kidney and Diabetes Care App “B K Kidney Care”, which is available on Google Play Store for the awareness of the disease with all information, advice, prevention, treatment, diet planning and living condition of the disease.

Today we have proven that beta cells can be regenerated and diabetes management is really possible. Our research team is constantly working on it, and we have introduced people in the nation with the power of Ayurveda by eliminating the option of harmful allopathic medicines.

We have launched a campaign to defeat diabetes and Kidney. If you or anyone in your family has a complaint of diabetes and then Call us on +91-8081222333 for the trial or visit our website or our Android application bkkidneycare also you can mail us [email protected]

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Brijesh Chaurasia

Dr. B.K. Chaurasia, an internationally acclaimed physician and researcher, worked in the field of Kidney & Diabetes disease treatment by ayurveda for 20 years and produced brilliant results for numerous types of malignancies at all stages. He has been a forerunner in treating Kidney disease by ayurveda. With an uncommon knack towards research and medicine, Dr. B.K. Chaurasia is a true promoter and Kidney curer through science or ayurvedic medicine. Always valuing honesty, commitment, accountability, integrity, uprightness and dedication, his one dream is to make Kidney Care Medicine available to as many people as possible, at an affordable cost.He then undertook his post-graduation in Ayurveda in 2006 and later finished his Diploma in Medico-Legal Systems from Symbiosis Center of Health Care, Pune. It was during this time that he invented the Kidney care center.